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Everything has a price. Pangea Online is no different.

Esil has spent the past year toiling in the mines of Pangea while the more wealthy traverse its myriad of gameworlds. His luck changes forever when he stumbles upon a legendary Developer’s Chest, containing an invaluable Worldpass, which grants him unlimited travel to all gameworlds.

Now, Esil isn’t just stuck watching as others explore Pangea. He can finally level up.

But his in-game actions have real world consequences and failure online threatens everything he holds dear.



When Simon Finch slips through the cracks of reality, he must find a way to survive in a world plagued by the undead. Armed with nothing more than a baseball bat and determination, he searches The Land of the Dogs for the family he lost.

Simon knows to fear the dead, but in a world so dangerous, can he trust the living?