Big Changes to Patreon


I’ve decided to become more active on Patreon, offering up posts several times a week in addition to the early release chapters I post. For starters, here’s an updated publishing schedule for 2021:

Pangea Online 3: Vials and Tribulations– Feb 2021

Sentenced to Troll 4– Spring/Summer 2021

Sentenced to Troll 5– TBD

This is everything I know for sure. I do have some ideas I’m kicking around for a possible new epic fantasy series as well as a spin-off Pangea Online book set in the same universe. All of that is still up in the air at the moment.

Pangea Online 3 will be the last book in the series. I think I wrapped it up nicely, with books 1 and 3 standing on their own very well. However, I have learned to never say never, so if the readers demand it, there is an option to continue Esil’s story if book 3 ever surpasses 300 reviews. I doubt it will happen, but at least this way there is the option.

I also have plans to start posting short stories at least once a month on Patreon. Just look for the “Bonus Writing” tag going forward to keep track of them. If you haven’t read the alternate ending to Sentenced to Troll, you can find it there as well. Many of theses short stories will be with side-characters from existing series like Pressley the Death Knight or Grayson, but some may be new one-off stories as well. I hope to have the first one out in February. 

Now, for what’s going on with me. I’m super excited to publish Pangea 3, although I am very cautious with my expectations after the launch of Sentenced to Troll 3. We’re not in the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic or in the midst of an election, so I’m hopeful that this go-around should be better.

In February, I’ll be having another surgery. This is the same one I had in September, but on the opposite side. Because when I destroy my body, I do it properly and symmetrically. Recovery wasn’t too bad last time, so I’m not worried too much.  My insurance is a lot more expensive this go around, so that has its own set of obstacles. I’m ready to be pain-free and active again.

I’ve been playing a lot of Apex Legends lately, and I’m super excited for season 8. My mains right now are Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Crypto. I enjoy playing a more support style. This season, I made it all the way to Platinum 4, but I’m hoping that with the new updates I can finally move up the platinum tier and maybe even hit diamond. My damage and K/D ratio are way higher this season than any past, so I must be finally getting halfway decent.

I stumbled across this show Fate: The Winx Saga and man, am I hooked. It urban fantasy mixed with academy and teen drama, but something about it is really resonating. I just finished episode 2 and can’t wait to watch the rest. I love the idea of magic in the real world. Maybe one day I’ll write my own urban fantasy novel.

Some books I’m enjoying right now are Battle Spire and the Cradle series. I’m halfway through Battle Spire, and. it’s basically the litrpg version of Die Hard. Once I finish, I’ll be on to book 3 of Cradle, though I really want to do a reread of Harry Potter this year.

I guess that is a good place to end this for now. If you have any topics you would like me to touch on in the future, let me know.  I’ll probably offer insight into writing and publishing as well going forward.

Take care!

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