The Sentenced to Troll Compendium is back! Exclusively through

A new challenger approaches!

The lights dim and a single spotlight falls upon the tunnel entrance. A tattered robe, hood frayed at the edges, conceals the challenger’s face in shadow. He taps his gloves together, their leather dull and faded, and begins the long walk to the ring.

The arena is quiet except for the rhythmic pacing of the champ in the ring, the gentle tap-tap of his feet that have spelled the doom of many. No one that big should move that fast.

Each step the challenger takes echoes through the blackness.

“Dead man walking,” someone shouts, followed by laughter.

Whispers snake through the crowd but the challenger keeps his head low.

There’s a crack as a second spotlight flares to life, cutting his entrance short and igniting the champ. His golden gloves and trunks shimmer.

He winks at the challenger before turning his back to him. When he raises his arms wide, the crowd erupts.

For him, this is just another Tuesday.


I’m happy to announce that I will be venturing into the world of direct audiobook sales, starting with the Sentenced to Troll Compendium.

It is now available exclusively and directly from S.L. Rowland.

That’s 30 hours of audio for $30, the cost of 2 credits, collecting books 1-3 of this bestselling series! You can listen directly through Bookfunnel’s dedicated audiobook app, or even better, download the MP3 files to listen however you choose. All purchases are fulfilled by Bookfunnel with their outstanding customer support.

And here’s the best part, by buying direct, I receive 90% royalties on each purchase. On audible, I get 25% of each sale or credit. On other platforms, I get 40-45%.

Jeff Bezos has enough money. So support your indie authors and buy direct!

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