Sentenced to Troll 5 Preorders Canceled

If you preordered Sentenced to Troll 5, you probably noticed that it was canceled. Long story short, I’ve dealt with some health issues and family emergencies in the earlier part of the year that really slowed me down. I needed about three more weeks to finish edits, and since I had already adjusted the preorder date twice, Amazon refused to let me change it again.

Considering that they allow you to put up a preorder a year in advance, it’s hard to believe that changing a release from six months to nine months would crash their entire ecosystem.

But I digress, Sentenced to Troll 5 will be here mid-July. And the audiobook should be ready by late August/early September.

This book is a good 30% longer than the previous books in the series. I promise you are in for a wild ride.

So stay tuned, and check out my online shop at for new products. I’ll be adding a few more in the coming weeks.

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