Buy Audiobooks Direct from S.L. Rowland (Fulfilled by Bookfunnel)

Why Bookfunnel? BookFunnel is an ebook and audiobook service founded by (and for!) indie authors. They have delivered over 100 million books since opening their doors in 2015. Their ebook and audio platform is as good, if not better than Amazon/Audible’s. Download the app or read/listen in any browser through the cloud.

By using Bookfunnel, I no longer have to give away 70-90% of the revenue to a site that is only hosting the audio files. I’m able to sell the books cheaper and still make more profit. That’s a win for both of us.

I am also able to upload the files as soon as they are finished instead of waiting weeks, and sometimes months for Audible to approve them.

When you buy the audiobook from me, I’ll get your email. So that when the next audiobook comes out, I’ll be able to let you know immediately.

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