Out Now! Sword & Thistle: A Cozy Fantasy Adventure

The newest installment of the Tales of Aedrea series is now available on Amazon!

Sword & Thistle is a story of adventure, friendship, and grief. It is a tribute to the journeys we all face and those we meet along the way. While the stakes may be a little higher than in Cursed Cocktails, (an adventurer on a quest) the found family, endearing characters, and small-scale perspective in a sprawling and bustling world remain the same.

Growing up, my first taste of epic fantasy was The Hobbit. With Sword & Thistle, I tried to capture some of the magic I experienced during my time in Middle Earth.

Currently, you can pick up Sword & Thistle in ebook, paperback, and hardcover on Amazon. In the next couple of weeks, it will be available to bookstores and libraries once I receive the proof copies. Audio will also be released later this month.

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