The Vast Lands of Aedrea

The new map of Aedrea has arrived and I love it so much! It captures the epic scope of the world but also has that cozy feeling that you’ll find in all of the stories.

The map was designed by CarographyBird

4 thoughts on “The Vast Lands of Aedrea”

    1. Writing fast is not my strong suit. lol

      I’m working on book 6 of my Sentenced to Troll series and then I’ll be doing a couple more Tales of Aedrea books later in the year.

  1. I just wanted to stop in and say Thank You!
    I have Loved every single one of your books but I especially adore, Cursed Cocktails. It is such a perfectly written, beautifully romantic story of love and finding belonging. I feel such a deep sense of wellbeing and comfort and peace when I read it… as if my world slows down to match the gentle pace of the story and my heart feels infused with joy.
    I just finished reading it … Again 😊. I was so longing for more of the story and was just delighted to find your Midwinter Comfort gift. Thanks!

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