Free and $.99 LitRPG/Gamelit Starter Library Extravaganza!

Hey guys and gals! I’ve partnered up with some really awesome LitRPG and Gamelit authors to bring you an amazing deal on 15 first in series books that are either free or priced at $.99 for the next three days, April 18th-21st. And for you audiobook lovers, if you pick up the ebook at a discount, then you can get the audio for around $7.

My very own, Pangea Online is available for $.99

Check it out here!

Void Legion- Terry C. Simpson: Free

Oblivion- Jaeger Mitchells: Free

Dragon Seed- James Osiris Baldwin: Free

The Feedback Loop Boxset- Harmon Cooper: $.99

The Barrow King- C.M. Carney: $.99

Accidental Thief- Jamie Davis: $.99

Arcane Kingdom Online- Jakob Tanner: $.99

Pangea Online: Death and Axes- S.L. Rowland: $.99

Ruins of Majesta- Taj Mccoy El: $.99

Puatera Online Box Set- Dawn Chapmen: Free

Endless Online- M.H. Johnson: $.99

Deck of Souls- Bonnie L. Price: $.99

Party Hard- David Petrie: $.99

World Tree Online- E.A. Hooper: $.99

Somnia Online- K.T. Hanna: $.99

So many amazing books that it’s hard to choose just one. So don’t, pick them all up today!

Note: Most of these are only on sale in the US and UK.

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